Captain Miller

2024 [TAMIL]

Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89% · 9 reviews
IMDb Rating 6.8/10 10 5207 5.2K

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Plot summary

In the 1930s, during the British Raj, Analeesan "Eesa", a former soldier of the British Indian Army called Captain Miller, is on a mission to protect the people from the British after witnessing an atrocity.

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February 13, 2024 at 01:11 AM

Top cast

Mark Bennington as General Buller
Shivarajkumar as Sengannan / Sengolan
Dhanush as Analeesan 'Easa' / Captain Miller
Sundeep Kishan as Captain Rafiq
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TreeFiddy53 5 / 10

Meh. Let down.

The first 10-15 mins of this film were phenomenal, with the haunting background score, everything went downhill _for me_ after that. But, special mention to Dhanush, the sound design, and to the camera work (in parts).

Could have been a great film with some really good commentary on stuff that's relevant even today, but .... action for the sake have been done even in Fast & Furious, what's even the point of bullets flying all over anymore? Directors need to calm down and a Michael Bay.

I didn't enjoy Arun's first two films as much as everybody else did, so I guess I shouldn't have expected anything different when I knew his plan was always a "revenge trilogy" but.... ah well. Waste of time but I'll surely go back and listen to the OST.

Reviewed by Jithindurden 8 / 10

Incredible theater experience

My first theater watch of the year and it does use the big screen and sound impressively. But there are few movies that despite finding it to be very predictable, with so many moments that feel wasted, the emotions not hitting as they should and still come out satisfied with the end product like this. There are so many things going on in this movie, that it could have taken a lot of directions. Here, they chose to focus the most on the action and there are some great setpieces. Arun Matheshwaran knows how to make a frame look incredible and he does that brilliantly throughout the movie. There's so much that is told through framing and composition alone without actually saying anything. But unlike Rocky which followed an arthouse approach, this is a fully commercial approach without going overboard.

The problem with the movie is that there are so many characters and events happening that the emotions they are trying to convey are not fully realized on screen as they want to be. It felt like there might be a much longer cut that would properly justify and convey the emotions and if there is, that could be truly great.

Shiva Rajkumar was nice in his role. But his and Sundeep Kishan's roles really felt like they needed more screen time to give the full impact that was intended. Even Priyanka Mohan's character who had decent screen time lacked the proper writing for a lot of things to make sense.

In a way, it also felt like the familiarity of the way the story unfolds was also utilized to not explain a lot of things too much.

The dialogue about why the protagonist is joining the British army despite the freedom struggle happening was the high point in terms of writing in my opinion. That was used as a pivot point to start the journey. The action-packed nature of the movie also kind of lessened the impact of some of the more horrific stuff happening. But still, the action was terrific and even if the director falters when he tries to use the star elements of the actors, it doesn't go too much into the star worship level things that these types of films do.

GV Prakash Kumar's music is also a huge part of the movie as it really elevated a lot of the scenes and at times also made apparent why some aspects needed better writing.

It is unnecessary to say that Dhanush did a fantastic job but a lot of times the character became more than what is written because of his acting. He brought depth through performance that was not explored enough through writing and direction.

Ashraf Mallissery speaking Malayalam instead of Tamil when he's agitated is something I enjoyed in both this and Rocky. But the Malayalam audience in the theatre sure loved that dialogue.

Despite all of its problems, I enjoyed the movie a lot. The theatre experience was a blast and I really hope they have an extended cut for this.

Reviewed by best-review 5 / 10


The Plot and character development exhibit a meticulous attention to detail but the screenplay leaves room for improvement.

Dhanush delivers a stellar performance, seamlessly navigating through various phases of his character's journey.

Nivedhitha and Kaali Venkat impeccably portray their respective roles, adding depth to the film.

The British characters are skillfully brought to life by the cast, contributing effectively to the overall storyline.

Shiv Raj Kumar Sandeep Kishan and Aditi Balan, despite limited screen time, deliver outstanding performances.

However, Priyanka Mohan, though given a substantial role, falls short in terms of acting prowess. Her appearance is appealing, yet her efforts to portray the character are evident.

The musical score and editing contribute to the film's overall cohesion.

Cinematography shines in certain aspects such as camera angles and pivotal moments, but the lighting pattern and color grading may not resonate with every viewer.

The meticulous attention to sets, props, costumes, and makeup enhances the overall visual appeal.

Arun Matheshwaran's direction stands out, showcasing a keen eye for storytelling.

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